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Cool Furniture That’s Environmentally Friendly

mac-and-wood-large-table-730x480 If you are environmentally conscious, you may shy away even from something simple as buying new furniture. Not everyone likes the idea that trees had to give their life just so you can have a new office desk or chair. On the other hand, getting furniture pieces made from plastic materials sure are no better alternative. Some simply enjoy the warmth of natural wood when it comes to their home’s or office’s interior.
Reclaimed wood can be the alternative if you cannot be without wood. Every piece of furniture that is made from reclaimed wood not only helps to save the environment but sure has a very unique charm and appeal.
modern-dining-table-restaurant-lookThis type of furniture can be the best when you are looking for a desk or bench that can take the one or the other beating without a sweat.

Reclaimed wood has natural imperfections which means that it can easily handle the one or the other ding or nick.

In fact, the older your reclaimed furniture piece might better, the better it may look!

This unique characteristic of reclaimed wood makes those furniture pieces great for places such as restaurants, hotels or the dining area at home.

To combine style and class with the ruggedness of reclaimed wood?

Check out the furniture designs by a furniture maker Mac & Wood.

Mac & Wood is making bespoke dining tables and custom benches made from reclaimed wood and brushed steel. This is a unique combination of materials that is sure to make an impression with its minimalist yet elegant design.