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Cool Furniture That’s Environmentally Friendly

mac-and-wood-large-table-730x480 If you are environmentally conscious, you may shy away even from something simple as buying new furniture. Not everyone likes the idea that trees had to give their life just so you can have a new office desk or chair. On the other hand, getting furniture pieces made from plastic materials sure are no better alternative. Some simply enjoy the warmth of natural wood when it comes to their home’s or office’s interior.
Reclaimed wood can be the alternative if you cannot be without wood. Every piece of furniture that is made from reclaimed wood not only helps to save the environment but sure has a very unique charm and appeal.
modern-dining-table-restaurant-lookThis type of furniture can be the best when you are looking for a desk or bench that can take the one or the other beating without a sweat.

Reclaimed wood has natural imperfections which means that it can easily handle the one or the other ding or nick.

In fact, the older your reclaimed furniture piece might better, the better it may look!

This unique characteristic of reclaimed wood makes those furniture pieces great for places such as restaurants, hotels or the dining area at home.

To combine style and class with the ruggedness of reclaimed wood?

Check out the furniture designs by a furniture maker Mac & Wood.

Mac & Wood is making bespoke dining tables and custom benches made from reclaimed wood and brushed steel. This is a unique combination of materials that is sure to make an impression with its minimalist yet elegant design.

Brits Play 50,000 Songs a Minute – Vinyl Sales Up Too

According to recent numbers, more than 50,000 songs per minute had been streamed in the UK in 2015. Thanks to streaming services and Internet, music aficionados are now swapping their CDs and music downloads for streaming the newest tunes online.

In 2015, a record 26.8 billion songs were streamed in United Kingdom. This is an increase of 82% as compared to the previous year

The had of the U.K.’s BPI, the UK music industry body said that the increase in streaming is largely due to the success of services such as Apple Music and Spotify. According to him, “more people are discovering how wonderful it is to have all the music in the world to listen to, whenever and wherever you want”.

Audio streaming amounts to 25% of all music consumed in the UK this past year.

What’s noteworthy is that old technology such as Vinyl also enjoyed a rise in popularity. Vinyl sales are up 64% and are now at a 21 year high in the UK.

The Success Of ‘Surprise Entertainment’ in the UK

singing-waiters-newsCorporate entertainment, wedding receptions, parties: Unless you live under a rock you will likely have heard the term “surprise entertainment” and chances are you have even seen the one or the other performer.

There are several types of surprise entertainment.

The most popular is probably that party hosts are getting singers and dancers who would come to the event in disguise.

You might have heard from The Singing Waiters if you happen to be in the United Kingdom. Whether they are disguised as waiters or security personnel it means that no one of the attending guests will suspect anything until the singing waiters start with their show.

The other type of surprise entertainment that’s very popular today is flash mobs. Flash mobs are usually happening at busy public places such as shopping centres or similar. Flash mobs are a great way of entertainment if someone wants to draw a lot of attention, for example companies who can use it as a form of PR.

With the current popularity of surprise entertainment in the UK there are increasingly more performers out there may not necessarily be would one would call “professional”. With the original singing waiters however you will not have this problem. The singing waiters all have a professional background. This makes them a good choice for high-class entertainment such as corporate events but also a good choice if you look for classy musical entertainment for a wedding or similar occasion.

Recently, the singing waiters added even more variety to their program. With more costumes and their new “Brit Tones” vocal singing group you can book them for virtually any type of event.

Will Spotify Help The Music Industry?

Spotify-LogoDaniel Ek, founder of music streaming service Spotify thinks that “free songs won’t kill the music industry but will make it 10 times bigger

With this, the Swedish entrepreneur is rejecting claims that his service is killing the music industry and also claims easier access to songs will make the business “10 times bigger.”

After he launched his music streaming service, the 32-year-old Swede has come under fire from various musicians and celebrities. Several artists have withdrawn their permission for their tracks being used.

Ek however says that those who see his music streaming service is a danger to the industry are wrong. According to him, his music streaming service will “catapult the music industry to a level never before reached”. Obviously, not anyone is sharing his view.

How Export Software Can Benefit Your Business

There are many things that can make a business owner’s life a lot easier. The various specialised and often very helpful small business software packages available today are one thing you should take a closer look at. If your business deals with physically shipping merchandise to customers, shipping software and export software can be in particular helpful.

If you own an export business like I do, you will know that a big portion of work and manpower is often going towards the effective organisation of paperwork and related documentation. With more customers and more sales come more invoices and all kinds of other, related documents such as the required forms for customs and similar. At some point, this will become a task were software to manage this more effectively will almost be mandatory.

I have always seen it as one of the biggest challenges to always have an overview about the current shipping costs. As long as you sell only domestically that the won’t likely be a problem. But imagine a business that sends merchandise to various countries on a daily basis. Shipping costs can often change from one day to the other, and let’s not even talk about the different rules and regulations in regards to importing goods in whatever particular countries. With export software, all those issues can be addressed. The software can always give you advice about the best and most economic way of shipping plus it will let you know about custom requirements, means it will notify you if a particular shipment might potentially cause a problem at the border.

I personally found this export software extremely helpful and this is the reason why I want to recommend it to you. Chances are, if you own a business it can help you too.

First Business in Manchester That Accepts Bitcoin

Diadem in Altrincham is the first shop in Manchester that is planning to accept the online currency BitCoin.

The jeweller’s store opened this past December. With their upcoming new website and giving customers the ability to pay via Bitcoin the store will be the first Greater Manchester business to accept the virtual currency.

Asked by the press, manager Alexander Young said that BitCoin is the currency of the future because of its various benefits. He added that he thinks that more businesses should adapt to a modernised commercial world.

He said “I think you have to remember that in today’s society you have to adapt or die, and if people want to succeed, it’s all about being flexible and open to trying new things.”

Online vendors elsewhere are already accepting Bitcoin although there are still not many who support it.

According to Alexander and other digital currency advocates, BitCoin payments are an easier and safer way for businesses as compared to any other way of payments.

One Thing That Helped Me Greatly With My Music Business

I am certainly no professional when it comes to doing business but this didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion which is rare records.

For me it was clear from early on that I wanted a small store where I can attend my passion, share my tips and advice with other like-minded music and vinyl enthusiasts.

But little did I know that owning a business sure isn’t always easy. At times I’m very busy with rather tedious & time-consuming chores meaning I hardly can find the time to dedicate to those things I really like to do.

e-invoice-benefitsWhile I was hyped that my small business quickly got rather successful due to worth of mouth, the more customers I got the more difficult it got for me to keep track with all the organizing, mailing of records and so forth.

But this was when Gerry told me about electronic invoicing. It may not sound like much but this was probably the best change for my business and it sped up things considerably!

One other nice side-effect from electronic invoicing is that my bills are now paid a lot quicker than before. So let me explain to you in a few words with electronic invoicing is why you should look into it when you own a business.

Electronic invoicing basically means that your invoice will be converted into a digital format. Rather than using postal mail to send them to your clients you will email them. This alone will save you considerable time. On the other hand, whoever receives your electronic invoice can process them the instant they get them. To help you with this process you send the electronic invoice to a electronic invoice service provider that will do all the work for you.

The best thing about it is that you won’t have to buy any equipment or change anything in your business. The difference is merely that you email your invoices rather than sending them by postal mail.

So if you ask me, you should definitely give electronic invoicing a try!